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Xtreme Praise Ministries

Eight - 8th Year Anniversary
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Seventh - 7th Year Anniversary Photos
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History of Xtreme Praise Ministry

This Praise and Worship team began in 2003, under the name of One Way Ministries, as an Outreach Ministry of the Maranatha SDA Church. There were eight (8) members and the director, Bro. Sylvester Dotson. Each week practices were held at the Dotson’s home. With the enthusiasm of the young people the 8 member group quickly grew into 20 plus members therefore changing practices to the Police Community Center on Bolton Ave. in Alexandria, La.

In the spring of 2004, with prayer and guidance from God, the group wanted to change the name  David Weaver, Jr., a youth suggested  to change it to  Xtreme Praise Ministries (XPM) and the group’s logo was created by Gregory Newman. This small non-profit youth-centered ministry quickly grew into 75 plus members, forcing the group to move practice to larger facilities such as Brame Middle School and the Martin Center, both in Alexandria, La.

In 2007, Xtreme Praise was blessed with a 55 passenger bus from David Weaver Sr. and as a result XPM has traveled as far as Florida, Texas, Mississippi, and all over Louisiana.  Xtreme Praise currently practices in their building located at 4517 South MacArthur Dr. in Alexandria.

This non-profit community youth –centered ministry uses puppetry, drama interpretation, skits, mimes, praise worshippers and singing as a source of outreach ministry.  XPM invites others to volunteer their services regardless of race, creed, gender, or religion because their mission is to lift the spirit, give a helping hand, and encourage the downhearted and to be a friend to the friendless. But their main goal is to go to the XTREME to save souls.